My Lengthy Interview on KPFA about Egypt


I post this interview with KPFK on Egypt here on my blog instead of simply linking on social media because my wonderful hour long discussion on KPFK comes at a time when KPFA has possibly c0me to the end of the road (I hope not).  I grew up on Los Angeles listening to KPFK, switching between their station, NPR and AM Radio for different political perspectives.  The station has some fantastic shows, and I’ve been interviewed in their eclectic and warm Los Angeles studio many times.  I did not always agree with the perspectives of this station, but I am sure we would be the poorer and less informed in its absence.

I really enjoyed engaging in this discussion on KPFK’s Middle East in Focus.  Thank you very much to hosts Nagwa Ibrahim and Estee Chandler.  Their questions were about the most informed, earnest and out of the box of any interview I’ve done on Egypt.  They speak well of KPFK.

And here it is: